Disney Dreams Can Come True… This Week in San Jose!

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My children were born with the Disney gene.  Though not apparent at birth, symptoms manifested between one and two years of age for each of them: coveting Disney-themed toys and clothing, obsession with Disney songs, and frequent (incessant?) requests for Disney movies.  The obsession is real, and at 4.5 and almost 3, there is no sign they’ll “let it go” any time soon (hehe).

And you know what?  That’s great!  I, like my parents before me, also have the Disney gene.  Some of my fondest childhood memories involve trips to Orlando, and I am only slightly disturbed by my ability to recall every word and note to countless Disney songs, 35+ years on.  I can’t be the only 37-year-old woman who is excited for Coco, right?  Um, I’m only seeing it because of my kids.  Moving on.

My family was so excited when we found out that Disney on Ice’s “Dream Big” show would be running nearby at the SAP Center in San Jose this year.  The show is only around for a few days, from October 25-29; we were there last night on opening night.  (Tickets starting at $15 are still available! Promo code below!)

This was my family’s first foray into the exciting world of live performance art.  My kids had been to the movies and sat through short magic shows at birthday parties… but they’d never been to any kind of formal live theater or lengthy live production before.  I was a little nervous, and once seated, I noted the location of the nearest exits in the event that one or both of them freaked out from the over-stimulation.

Turns out, I was worried about nothing!  My kids loved the show – even though they weren’t totally familiar with some of the more “classic” characters and songs.  (There’s a reason why these stories are a hit, generation after generation.)  I spotted at least nine beloved Disney stories packed into this multi-vignette performance.  Tinker Bell, Mickey, Minnie, and Goofy narrated, and I recognized several familiar characters: Jasmine, Aladdin, and the Genie; Snow White and the Dwarves; Belle and Lumiere; Rapunzel and Flynn; the Little Mermaid, Eric, Sebastian, Flounder, and Ursula; Aurora, Maleficent, and a fire-breathing Dragon; Cinderella and Prince Charming; Tiana; and – of course – Anna, Elsa, Kristoff, and Olaf.  

The costumes, dancing, music, and effects put my kids into a bonafide trance.  They laughed, they clapped, they gasped in awe as characters zoomed by and flew through the air, and as real fire blew out of Maleficent Dragon’s mouth.  Those close to the ice were treated to high fives from the characters as they swooped by, and several rows were close enough to feel the bubbles and snow that rained down during a couple songs.  This show was perfect for the two to eight-year-old set, but there were babies and older kids there too.  And naturally, the wide eyes weren’t at all confined to the children… and the smiles and sing-alongs had no age limit.  There were definitely times that I found myself humming along, while my kids had no idea what was going on.

There was a security check, but everyone was allowed to bring in bags loaded water bottles, spare diapers, and a couple snacks.  (I thought I’d need a sweater, but it was quite warm in the arena.)  We popped for some special treats, and enjoyed tasty if overpriced fries and ice cream throughout the show.  And yes, my husband and I both had a beer as well.  Parking is $15, and I’d recommend arriving 30-45 minutes early so that you have time to mosey to your seats without rushing.

The show runs about 95 minutes, with a ten-minute intermission about half-way through.  While it didn’t start until 7:00 p.m. (close to bed time for my little ones), nobody had issues staying awake and happy for the duration of the show.  My kids were pumped up afterwards, then promptly crashed into their beds when they got home.  Perfect!

This was such a fun treat for the whole family.  There’s nothing quite like the magic of Disney!

Don’t miss out on Disney on Ice, Dream Big! 

SAP Center at San Jose, October 25-29, 2017

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