Scary Mommy Moments


halloween-1001677_960_720When you realize you sound like your mother.

When the reality of the positive pregnancy test actually sets in.

The drive home from the hospital with your newborn…. now what???

The moment you have to give up your comfy mesh panties and start wearing normal ones.

Pulling a shirt over your newborn’s wobbly head for the first time.

When you draw a blank on the name of another mom as she’s walking straight toward you.

The first time your child climbs (falls) out of the crib. Woops!

When your kid almost catches you and your partner getting it on.

When there’s only silence from the playroom…  

And then when the permanent marker just won’t come off…

The first time you see your son’s “parts” FULLY functioning, and he sees it at attention, too!

The first time your child actually poops in the toddler potty…Ewww, what do I do now?

The day your child brings home a boyfriend or girlfriend.

Sitting down with your child to have The Talk.

Going to the wine fridge after a long day only to find that there’s NO MORE WINE! Ahhh!!!!


*This post is just for Halloween fun- We realize that in life, there are REAL scary mommy moments of accidents and illnesses, none of which have to do with permanent markers and poop.  We are not here to make light of those issues, just to say Happy Halloween. 


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