Other Uses for Leftover Easter Egg Dye


Easter Egg Dye

It seems like such a shame to waste leftover Easter egg dye. The rainbow colors are vibrant and festive. Plus, my kids are never satisfied with just coloring a dozen eggs. They always want to keep going, but how many hard boiled eggs do we really need in the house? I found a few other ways to use up the leftover Easter egg dye and keep my kids busier for longer. 

What about you? Share your creative ideas in the comments below!

First things first, learn how to make (and peel) perfect, hard boiled eggs.


Dye Dried Pasta to Make Jewelry

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Any pasta with a hole is perfect to dye because it can then be strung to make necklaces, bracelets, and other crafts. Just like eggs, the longer the pasta soaks, the richer the colors will become. The liquid will soften the noodles a bit, so leave them to dry out before adding them to your craft collection.

Dye Coffee Filters or Paper Doilies to Make a Bouquet of Flowers 

left over easter egg dye
Photo courtesy of Sheri Williams via Pinterest

I dropped the ball on this one and forgot to buy coffee filters (We’re a French Press household.), so the above image is from Pinterest. Here’s how to do it at home:  Dip the filters or doilies into the dye and let them dry. Twist and fold them to your desired flower share and wrap green pipe cleaners around the bottom as stems for a fun bouquet of flowers for Easter Day. You can also attach the flowers to an inexpensive hat for an Easter bonnet, make a wreath, or let your kids glue the dyed paper onto construction paper for Easter-inspired art.

Create a Colorful Volcano 

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Often, Easter egg coloring kits call for a splash of vinegar to brighten the colors, so you can mix in more vinegar and baking soda to make a colorful chemical reaction after you’re done coloring your eggs, noodles, or coffee filters! A 12:1 ratio of vinegar to baking soda results in fun fizzing, but we weren’t too scientific about it and still had fun – a handful of baking soda and a healthy pour of vinegar created lots of colorful fizzing!  

This video that I found on YouTube shows some live action footage of the eruptions, and the mom is genius for containing the mess in a large plastic tub. 

[xyz-ihs snippet=”Easter-Egg-Volcano”]

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