3 Degrees of Separation from Meghan Markle and the Next Royal Baby!


Fun fact: Our writer Lorrie was sorority sisters with Meghan Markle, but none of us knew this until the week before Meghan’s royal wedding to Prince Harry. We posed a question to our writers, “Any royal wedding watchers out there want to whip up a post in advance of Saturday’s nuptials?” Lorrie casually responded, “I can whip something up. I’m not usually a royal wedding watcher but Meghan was my sorority sister at NU so I’ve been keeping tabs.” 

What the what?! That was way more of a connection to Meghan Markle than we ever could have imagined. Lorrie even dug out this photo of Meghan from a Northwestern Kappa Kappa Gamma sorority party:

By Lorrie’s account, “Meghan was a class act. She had a close-knit circle of friends, though she was incredibly warm with everyone.  And of course, she was lovely both inside and out.” You can read the rest of what Lorrie had to say about Meghan here

We’re happy knowing that Meghan is as genuinely kind and good as she appears to be in the videos and photos that we stalk see, so we were over the moon to read Kensington Palace’s announcement that she and the Duke of Sussex (that’s Harry’s formal title) are expecting their first child sometime in the spring!

[xyz-ihs snippet=”meghan-marble-pregnant-tweet”]

“Hey, Lorrie, any chance Meghan told you her favorite baby names while you were in college?” we asked. “Ha! I, unfortunately, have no tea to spill on this one.” We may not have the inside scoop on whether Meghan is hoping for a boy or a girl, how she’s feeling, what maternity frocks she’ll wear, or what she wants to name the baby, but we still feel a special connection to this mama-to-be, not only because of Lorrie’s sorority sister status but because it’s exciting any time a woman joins the sisterhood of motherhood. 

Maybe Meghan, a former avid blogger herself, will even scan some of our articles for advice or a laugh. Hey, stranger things have happened! In the meantime, we wish Meghan a healthy, non-eventful pregnancy and admit to being only slightly jealous of the baby nurses and helping hands she’ll have at her disposal.



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