Time to Be Grateful for Things Big and Small


Each year, in November, we call attention to the theme of gratitude. In my work with kids and their adults, I’ve heard the sweetest and funniest things to be grateful for because gratitude practice is part of every yoga class. 

“I’m grateful for my parents, my toes and ice cream!”

“I’m grateful for my dog, my family and toys!”

“I’m grateful for my home, candy and my goldfish!”

“I’m grateful for my friends, my school and my iPhone!”

There are many things to be grateful for and research shows a gratitude practice has been linked to a greater sense of satisfaction and happiness. It’s simple, write down or discuss 3 things you are grateful for each day. This can be done anytime, often at dinner or at bedtime. Kids are most grateful for people in their lives, like parents, teachers and friends. Sometimes, they are thankful for elaborate things like vacations, and other times, for necessities like food and diapers. 

Diaper need is a pressing issue. Reading a recent article, I was struck by vital shortages due to the pandemic. Access to diapers has been a huge problem and moms who can’t afford diapers find that hardship to be more stressful than food or housing insecurity. Thankfully, we can all do something about it!

Inspired by this need, we’ve created a Thanksgiving Diaper Drive to benefit Homeless Prenatal Program in San Francisco. Earth Baby REDYPER, Loop, Charity and the JAMBand and It’s Yoga Kids® have come together to help donate diapers for families in need. 

Together, we can make a difference. You can give in person from November 14 through December 5 or virtually now. A mom and her baby thank you. It is the season to be grateful. Hug that little one of yours and your whole family too. Happy Thanksgiving!


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