A Hidden Gem in Redwood City – The Marine Science Institute


Do you have a child who loves the ocean, sea life, and being outdoors? Then you should definitely check out the Marine Science Institute in Redwood City. Located right along a very scenic part of the Bay, it’s the perfect spot for kids to learn more about the San Francisco Bay and the sea life that lives there.

Using hands-on, interactive activities, kids can explore the marine environment at their own pace, with marine science experts educating them along the way.

We recently discovered this gem at a preschooler’s birthday party. Yes, they are willing to take on a group of 20 five-year-olds. And it was a blast! The kids were able to touch fish and little critters, help pull up a huge net filled with fish, explore a stationary boat, dig in the sand, learn a lot about the ecosystem, and, of course, enjoy cake and snacks right on the scenic shoreline.

If you’re interested in getting your child involved, check out the Marine Institute’s educational programs. You can host a birthday party, sign your child up for summer camp or after-school programs, or attend one of their many events. There are also bay Discovery Eco adventures for kids 6 years and older, where you can go out on the boat to explore the bay and dig up invertebrates hiding in the mud. There are also hikes, fundraisers, and clean up events to help give back to our Bay.

I urge you to check out this fun and educational site, right in our own backyard!

Photos courtesy of Kristi Espinoza, KandidLense.com



Editor’s note: This article originally published on November 2, 2017, and was lightly edited prior to republishing.

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