Anastasiya Rutus

Anastasiya (a.k.a. Stacey), a native Ukrainian who has called San Francisco her home since 2014, is a strong advocate for women’s rights in business and in play, and loves to promote self-care and me-time. Becoming a mom two years ago allowed her to reevaluate what self-care means and put her on a path towards freedom from the corporate world. Anastasiya is an avid traveler, speaks 5 languages, loves good food, good books and chilling on Ocean Beach after getting a much needed manicure! She has lived in Greece, traveled to 5 continents including Antarctica (the one near South Pole), visited 25 states in the continental US, and was on track to hit 30 countries when COVID hit. She has turned her passion into the profession of Travel Designer, saving clients countless hours and energy spent in front of search engines and transforming the way people think about planning for getaways.

Traveling Tips for Your Next Trip

When was the last time you left your home for longer than one day?  Have you started looking for plane tickets to see friends and family or brave the new world again?  Are you scared of...


Last week was a new moon cycle. The energy says: "Time to take action." I heard this message loud and clear. This week I decided to take action. I pitched and landed a new client for my...

My Breastfeeding Journey: Guilt and Joy While Raising a Human Being

Today marks the first month of my boobs being child-free. Again. After 23 months of non-stop attention. It is still weird and exciting at the same time. As time goes on, you forget the craziness...

My Go-to Korean Spa is Back Open

These days it is not difficult to bring joy into my life. When I see flowers blooming on the streets, ocean waves curling by my feet and my baby girl laughing at my silly...

Normalizing the Need for Moms to Get Away

When was the last time you were away from your baby(ies) for more than a few hours? Imagine being away for a whole weekend! For me this happened in late 2020 - with COVID-19 making...
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