Disney on Ice “Dare to Dream” Was Better Than Imagined

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“Moana, make way, make way…” Disney on Ice is here, and “it’s all you need!”  Disney on Ice is back, and what could be better than a little magic to get you and your kiddos through this rainy weather?  

When I found out Moana was coming to ice, I was SO excited, maybe more so than my son! Not only was Moana the first movie he sat through, it also became one of my favorites. Since he loved it so much I just knew we had to go see the Disney on Ice performance, and because we have been to Disney on Ice before, I figured I would knock this one out of the park, and we did!

This time we had Grammy (Grandma) and Gung Gung (Grandpa) join the fun, and Disney never disappoints. There is something electrifying about watching all the characters on ice. Maybe it’s the music, the stunts, the special effects, and all the excited energy from kids and grown-ups alike that LOVE Disney. Maybe it is the child yell-singing “Let it Go” in your ear, but you really can’t beat the awe inspired eyes of your child as they watch the show.  

With that all said, I think the other thing I love about Disney on Ice is just being able to sing along with the other kids and fit right in.  No one can even tell you are singing because the kids yell-singing behind you are much louder. And you know that your singing is better than the 3-year-old’s yelling, at least.  So when you go, make sure to join in on the Frozen songs or Moana songs, no judgment — just applause. 

One thing about this Disney on Ice that was unique was the crowd involvement.  They really tried to include the audience, and if you were lucky enough to get a seat up front, your child might just be lucky enough to get to part take in the show.  So if you are looking for a special little surprise for your child, this is it.  

So take that title, Dare to Dream, and ask your children what they dream about. Disney uses entertainment to remind us that dreams are not always easy to achieve, but with focus and help along the way “dreams that you wish, do come true”.

Now go enjoy yourself, knowing that when you Dare to Dream about an entertaining and educational show,  your wish will be answered.

“You’re welcome!” – Maui



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